Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Glazed Mango Sponge Cake

Tak sedap sangat... :(

Okay, maybe that's an over statement... But to me, i think it could be better.

Reason behind making this cake is because Z's mum had purchased a new Reader's Digest hardcover thick baking book. I was browsing through and Z said why don't i make something from it. The thing is his sis had already tried couple of recipes and it didn't turn out that good so now it's my turn to test and see if the book was just full of bad recipes...hehe. I had lots of mangoes at home hence the mango cake.

Glazed Mango Sponge

1 ripe mango
170g (3/4 cup/6 oz) caster sugar
2 eggs, lightlybeaten
125g (1/2 cup/4 1/2 oz) natural plain yogurt
125ml (1/2 cup/4 fl oz) sunflower oil
finely grated zest of 1 lime
185g (1 1/2 cup/6 1/2 oz) plain all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
30g (1/3 cup/1 oz) desiccated (sweetened shredded) coconut
2 tbsp icing sugar, sifted

1. Use a 18-cm (7-inch) square, deep tin with a loose base or a 20-cm (8-inch) round, deep cake tin. Grease tin and line the base with baking paper. Preheat oven to 180 degree C (350 degree F/gas mark 4).

2. Peel the mango. Cut the flesh away from the stone and slice thinly. Arrange over the bottom of the prepared cake tin.

3. Place the sugar, eggs, yogurt, oil and lime zest in a large bowl and stir until smooth and mixed thoroughly. Sift flour and baking powder and fold into the mixture, alternating with the coconut.

4. Spoon mixture over the sliced mango and smooth the to. Bake for 50 minutes or until golden brown and firm to the touch. Check after 30 minutes and cover with foil if the cake is browning too quickly.

5. Leave cake in the tin for about 15 minutes, then turn out onto the rack of a grill tray, mango-side up. Peel off baking paper. Preheat grill. Dust cake thickly with icing sugar and place under the hot grill for 3-4 minutes or until the sugar has melted and is golden. Leave to cool on the rack.

6. Transfer the cake to a plate for serving. Any leftover cake can be covered with cling film and kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Verdict is it's just so-so. I wouldn't look forward to eating it and probably won't make it again. The texture is crumbly and dense. I think the mango just on top is not enough as you don't taste much of it. Overall i would rate it 5 out of 10. I'm thinking of using it as a base to make trifle, that is if i don't see anyone eating much of it.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Girls Day Out...

A day out together again with D, Kim and myself. Today we spent nearly 10 hours together starting at 10 in the morning. I went to pick D up in Subang and then we headed straight to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Megasale just started and it was perfect time for me to find some material to make my "baju raya". Kim was at a job interview in KL as well, while the both of us were busy hopping from one store to the other. After a couple of hours, Kim joined us at Jln TAR and after we were done the 3 of us proceeded to One Utama. D was gonna look for shoes, we had to eat lunch and catch a movie after.

Had a hard time deciding where to eat and we finally came up with 3 options. It was either gonna be Secret Recipe, Nandos or Cafe Delicious. And because Kim had gone to the launch of Delicious in the new Bangsar Village II the night before, she insisted we try it out because apparently the food was really good. So we did.

Our table number 6...i like their cooling concept colors of white, beige and blue...very relaxing and the motto here is Made With Love...

The menu consists of 5 main categories which are breakfast, all-day dining, afternoon tea, drinks and desserts. We were suppose to get desserts after because they look really yummy but ended not because we were just so stuffed after eating our meals...But i personally will definately go back to try their desserts...just look at it.

NEED I SAY MORE... :) So anyway back to our lunch.

I had the Thai Beef Salad (RM21.90). It comes in a huge portion of medium-rare pan-seared steak with mango salad. Well balanced taste of sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Refreshing and filling.

Kim had their Homemade Pesto Spaghettini (RM14.90) with added chargrilled chicken (RM4.90). Again with the huge portion and pesto was good. I tried some and loved it.

D had Carbonara Spaghettini (RM17.90). It is cooked with wild mushrooms, beef bacon, oregano and cream. Very generous with the bacon as you can see but according to D since she's a 'carbonara expert' that she prefers the one at Pizza Uno compared to here.

Overall, good ambience, good service and good food. Will definately be coming back for more!

Tio Pepe

(sounds vulgar gila kan HAHAHAHAHAHA)

A Spanish-Mexican restaurant located on the Greenwich Village in Manhattan. My friends and I were just walking blindly into places to eat, so we settled into this one because the cuisine seemed interesting. I've eaten Mexican food these few years, and not exactly Spanish, and because I'm slightly cacat, I would assume Mexico and Spain is the same country. HAHAHA

Don't be fooled by the posh crowd. As this was Saturday, where the B&T's (bridge & tunnel people- non new yorkers) come in with killer dresses and suits while we wore like kampung.

Like most latin dining, they usually serve taco/tortilla chips with salsa first, which I am not exactly fond of. Their chips are usually dry, which is not for my savoury-type of tongue.

My style of dining would be a plate or two of appetizer to share, and then a nice fat entree to be shared as well. I think it's an asian thing for to be kongsi-mongsi, and no wonder orang lain tend to look at us because of this behaviour kut??? At least we don't bazir the food that way, kan?

My friend Midnight Miss Suki (hahahaha sila google). I absolutely love wine collections, though I don't drink 'em. Makes your badan too panas lah!

And here comes my appetizer: Alitas Michoacan. It's basically marinated chicken with chipotle BBQ sauce. HAHAHAHAHAHA

My friend Joanne ordered Paella Marinera, it's like nasi biryani with seafood and lobster, but without taste. The fishy smell was so strong because of its lack of seasoning and spice (they left it boiled camtu je) and I wasn't so fond into digging in the paella sangat. Midnight Miss Suki got this heavily salted octopus meal called Pulpo a la Gallega, which apparently on the menu says:

"octopus Galecian style sauteed with paprika, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt"

Seriously, the sea salt was more like pebble salts. I accidentally bit into one and it drove me mad. MAD.

Clockwise from top left: chips, paella marinera, pulpo a la gallega, salsa, marinated chicken.

MY RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars (due to smelly paella and supersalty pulpo)

When desperate and lazy...

One of those days again when i'm home alone and ever so lazy to go out just to buy food for one or cook. Opened the cupboard and i found this! So apa lagi...hentam je laaa.

I'm not really a fan of instant food BUT just tried it anyway cause it's so simple. Basically all you need is this:

Some milk and butter and that packet is the cheese sauce that comes together in the box. Just boil some water and toss in the macaroni. Wait for 5-10 minutes or until it is cooked and then drain. Toss back into the pan and return to heat and then add the cheese, butter and milk. Stir till all are incorporated and then tadaa!

Mac & Cheese... on a scale of 10 i'll give it a 5 la...because it was edible and taste was just okay. I only ate 1/4 and was done with it already. Kept the rest for family when later i added some chicken meat and more cheese sauce. (from the huge can i brought back from sabah remember?) heheheee...

Devil's Food Cake

I've been meaning to try this cake out and thankfully i finally did as it turned out well i would say. One mistake i made was that i made the cakes a day ahead and had left them inside the pan till the next day. So, when it was time to frost i realised that the cake was stuck to the pans and i had a hard time trying to get them out. There were crumbs everywhere!!! Anyway i made do with what i had left which ended up as a very messy cake. This cake has a different texture from normal chocolate cakes. Well duh, of course because it's a devil's food cake. It's more coarse, light and fluffy but somehow dense at the same time. (*pening, anyway for kay, i think it's similar to red velvetnye texture) I guess others had a hard time explaining how it really tastes as well as my dad said it's very nice and moist, mum says could be more moist and bro = "i don't like coarse looking cakes, i have a feeling it will be dry." (i'm like...ooooookay then) But after he had some he agreed with my dad. And personally i liked it as well.

Devil's Food Cake
200g butter, softened
1 1/2 cup castor sugar
3/4 cup cocoa powder
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup hot water

Chocolate Frosting
5 oz chocolate, chopped
250g butter, softened
2 cup icing sugar
1 tbsp vanilla essence

Preheat oven to 180 degree C (350 degree F). Grease two 9-inch round cake pans.
Beat butter until creamy and gradually add sugar until incorporated and smooth.
Add the cocoa powder and beat for 1 minute.
Beat in the eggs one at the time and then add the vanilla.
On low speed, sift in the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt in three additions alternating with the hot water. Beat till smooth.
Pour batter into prepared tins and bake for 50-60 minutes or until set.
Remove from pan after letting cool for awhile and then continue to cool completely before frosting.

For frosting, melt chocolate using the double boiler method. Remove from pot and allow to cool.
In a bowl, beat the butter until creamy. Gradually, add the sugar and beat at high speed till smooth. Beat in vanilla about 30 seconds. Lastly at low speed add in the chocolate and beat till well blended. Frost the cake and eat!

Santai @ TTDI

This is a place i go to frequently. It's a restaurant/cafe which serves malay style cooking. I like it mostly for the cooling ambience, reasonable price and of course good freshly cooked food. The menu consists of mostly common malay dishes served with rice such as daging masak merah, ayam paprik, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar....and so on. They also have several types of fried rice and noodles. On weekdays, at every 3.00pm they start bringing out assorted local kuihs like currypuffs, cekodok, cucur undang, cucur keria, bubur kacang and so on. These sell like hot cakes as it only takes about 1-2 hours for all of that to disappear. I like the sardine currypuff the best. :) Oh and their drinks are also well done individually when ordered, no premixes. I'm quite particular with this whereby i don't like the idea of instant or premix drinks. And i think it shows when you realise most or almost all of their customers do not order can drinks here. Their simple teh o ais limau taste good with no traces of seeds in it (which is what i usually have). Other drinks available includes fresh fruit juices, air bandung soda and the normal coffee and tea range.

Last weekend Z and I popped by to have a quick meal and i finally remembered to snap some pictures.

This is my nasi goreng santai. It's actually their nasi goreng kampung...original malay style. Not the usual thai nasi goreng kampung where the rice is white, fried with anchovies and kangkung. This one is fried with chillis, chicken meat, sayur sawi and then sprinkled on top with crunchy anchovies. And the difference between n.g. kampung and n.g santai is that you get few pieces of keropok and a fried egg to accompany the rice. This is one of my favourites.

Z had nasi goreng ikan masin. I like this one as well. The rice is fried with a little kicap so it's brownish, chicken meat and sayur sawi + kobes. Hehehe...kobes.....ok so annnyways the ikan masin is not fried together with the rice. Instead, a couple pieces of the ikan masin is placed on top of the rice like a garnish. Totally not spicey, good for those who can't take chillis. It does not come with keropok so don't be fooled by the picture. Z just took some of mine and that's his hand masuk dalam frame gambar because tak sabar nak makan...

Santai has opened a couple of branches at Tesco outlets. If i'm not mistaken at Tesco Mutiara Damansara and Puchong. But i think the best would still be this outlet they started with in Taman Tun, located at the shoplots same row as the Perodua showroom and behind KFC.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Sloppy Joe's @ Ampang

First up i would like to say i'm sorry but i don't know excatly where in Ampang this place is. I'm not familiar with this area and would probably get lost. Will try to get the directions or address soon and post it up wokay?

So well here we go again as there always seem to be a story behind every food place i go to. Thehehee :)

But before that what is a sloppy joe? In the US it's a hot sandwich. Composed of ground beef, highly seasoned tomato sauce spread between two buns. The term sloppy comes from the fact that when you eat it, the meat and sauce starts spilling out. Joe? well i guess must be the name of the guy who started it or else you could just look up the history of sandwiches whenever free. Basically to me Sloppy Joe = Burger

For months now whenever Z and i would be out with friends, i keep on hearing them saying 'sloppy joe', how you must try it, really good, out of this world...etc. Then one fine day i finally asked Z...

me: what is this sloppy joe craze actually? how come i tak tau pun?
Z: oooh, this place is in ampang, dah lama dah actually...since i was like in school pakcik ni dah jual. I didn't know dia ada lagi, in fact i totally forgot about it until they mentioned.
me: oh ic, so you've eaten it la, sedap ke?
Z: yup, dulu la...memang different. ramai orang sampai beratur tau beli.
me: oh really? bring me la...i wanna try (imagining like a hawker centre something like hartamas square but only in ampang, huge crowd of people sitting down waiting for their orders of sloppy joes/burger)
Z: okay, one day we go.

So the one fine day arrived, as i was being driven by Z, i sat anxiously waiting to arrive at the destination...as he turns into a lorong i see hawkers just like how i imagined on my right side.

me: oh, it's here...(points to the right)
Z: no lah, tu la sloppy joe. (points to the left)
all i see is a beat up looking typical ramli burger stand infront of 7-11 convenient store. (you know how usually there's a ramli burger stand in front of every 7-11)
me: hah? that's sloppy joe? you mean all that craze and stories about it, is actually a ramli burger?
Z: hahahaha...wait you tak tengok lagi pakcik ni. His burger ada lain skit, you kena tengok dulu.
me: okay fine...

And the verdict...this pakcik's burger is truly a ramli burger that i have not seen before. It is soooooo extra sloppy hence they nicknamed it sloppy joe. The way this pakcik prepares the burger....everything is everywhere and entah la cam mane it just ends up sloppy. But somehow in a way it does taste good. I wouldn't say extraordinaryly superb but it's how a typical ramli burger will taste but just extra sloppy. One things for sure is you don't get those dry burgers which i hate where the buns are flaky, meat is dry and insufficient sauce. It's also true about how famous he is because i've never seen any ramli burger stands preparing as much burgers as this one does and the stock that he carries is alot. A few weeks later i even caught him featured on TV as a place where some local celebs go to get their midnight snack. Giler famous pakcik ni. Don't worry he's not doing this all alone. While he cooks the meat and fry eggs and heat buns, his (i'm guessing wife) who i would call makcik will be the one who lays and stacks every burger in place and handles the cash. A very pleasant and humble couple.

This is the burger stand, makcik and pakcik must be resting. It was still early around 10pm. Crowd comes in at midnight.

Random pictures...

Have you seen this much amount of planta at any burger stands??? I didn't take picture of the mayonaise tub beside it but trust me lebih kurang besar jugak... :O

See the amount of burgers that they had prepared in advance, it's only halfway done so that when people place orders, pakcik will place them on the hot plate to heat and also finish the process of cooking the meat patties. I guess this way saves more time and customers won't have to wait too long when suddenly there's a long line of orders. Through long years of experience i guess this is best way they could come up with when it comes to handling huge number of orders.
p/s: check out the supplies in the back, egg trays, sauces, ada banyak lagi tu...tak masuk frame gambar...

The end result. This is my sloppy burger daging special.....we went to the hawkers opposite to eat our sloppies and order some drinks. My dinner, sloppyRM3.50 + drinkRM1.50 = RM5 only

Literally i had to eat mine with fork and spoon...Z ate his like how a normal person would eat a burger and ended up looking like a 5 year old with sauce all over his hands and smudges here and there...hehehe...sian :P

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Strawberry Fields Cafe

This is a makan-makan place you will have to go either with family or friends. It's relaxed, has a wide variety of food choices from local to western and it's affordable. So far i have only heard of this place in two locations, 1 in Taipan USJ and one more in PJ town.

One night, miss indu, kim and i decided to have dinner in the PJ branch cause it's nearer to where we lived and also it was a very sudden decision to go there. Was because we were coming from Midvalley Megamall and federal highway was just across the road.

You will find that it takes awhile to decide what to eat because they have like 100+++ over choices. Their most popular dish however is anything with butter cream. They have butter cream pasta, chicken, rice, fish...you name it...just the sound of butter cream....mmmmmmmm and their trademark is they add curry leaves to the butter cream dish for flavour instead of using western herbs/leaves.

Therefore, indu took the butter cream spaghetti with chicken. Very very nice. It shows why it is their most popular dish there.

Kim had nasi lemak. Comes with a fried egg instead of hard boil which is good for her cause she went on and on by saying how much she wants "telor mata". Very generous with the peanuts and anchovies. Comes with a piece of chicken rendang.

And i had tomyam fried kuey teow. It wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be. Maybe i should have asked for extra spicey. To me it tasted like a good char kuey teow penang style, not so much of thai tomyam. But indu and kim had a taste of it and they said there is like a teeny bit of thai flavour so i guess there is. Maybe my tastebuds were on holiday that day.

Overall, the portions here are hugantic...none of us finished our food. We went like 3/4 way and could faint already. (note that we are fairly good eaters)
Satisfying, reasonable, nice atmosphere and many choices. Will definately be back to try more!

Mcdee Shrek Meal

Shrek The Third is here and McDonalds is giving out a free cartoon character toy from the movie with every happy meal purchase. They also threw in an extra pillow with a small plush shrek characters sitting on the end of it for RM9.90 with any purchse. AND they also have the Shrek Meal for adults consisiting of a new and improved beef foldover (i'm not sure ape yang improve) fries in a bag with seaweed shaker (i guess going with the green theme) and a lime infused sprite drink with pieces of pineapple i think...i donno what they call it but again green theme. Add on desserts include lime ice-cream. (yes you guessed it green colour)

Anyway i was waiting all month for the gingy toy to be released as the free happy meal toy. Cause that's the only one i think looks cute in toy form. There are 8 characters all together and they only release it one by one every week. Hehehe....so while waiting for that, Z bawak me to try the shrek meal just for fun...and he had one himself also because he loves me (haha doesn't make fruitin sense at all by what the hey, i don't care) aaaaaanyways shrek meal was so so la...the seaweed shaker didn't make the fries any better...maybe the two just don't really blend well together. And please don't wait for the fries to cool down cause it will just suck and taste like some sticky soft liat french fry. That's a total food no no. Haha orang fashion no no i food no no. (What is wrong with me today? macam extra emotional) so back to food...The drink was also like so so... (so so, no no, lalalalala) i would prefer coke anytime and the foldover well basically is a foldover. Personally i don't really fancy Mcdonald's foldover. I would get the doublecheeseburger anytime. But at least i tried the Shrek meal and now i know.

Few weeks later........

GINGY HAD ARRIVED.....(tak beli happy meal pon...just went to the counter and...)

me: excuse me, gingy dah keluar ke?
kakak mcd: huh?
me: happy meal toy sekarang yang mane? (points to the toy board)
kakak mcd: (turns to her colleague) eh, toy happy meal kat ne?
colleague: tu, kat bawah tu...dalam bakul (points to a specific direction)
kakak mcd then goes to get the toy while i wait and she comes back with 2 small packages
kakak mcd: sekarang ni ada ni ngan ni je.
me: (takes the packages and look, realise one is donkey and the other is gingy) saya nak yang ni. (points to gingy and smiles)
kakak mcd: okay. (keeps the other)
me: boleh beli macam ni je tak, ke kena beli happy meal?
kakak mcd: boleh, 3 ringgit je.
me: (smiles) okay!

so i paid RM3 and left happily with my gingy. when you push the gumdrop button it speaks. hehehehheheee.......(i have my childlike moments)

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

This new place just opened in The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara. First look at it and you say to yourself, "wow looks impresive, good crowd, and even just the signage and name somehow makes to think it must be a franchise from well NYC." But after sitting down for awhile and tasting the product, you somehow beg to differ. Hhhhhmmm well i still don't know for sure where this outlet originated from because i googled it and nothing came up.(maybe Ummi could confirm this for me once and for all) BUT IN MY OWN OPINION...i think it just started from here and then they decided to just use the name Big Apple AND use The Empire State Building for their logo??? Maybe the recipe is from NYC? I donno...

So anyway like i said first impression was good right? You're walking towards the open concept kitchen/counter/cashier with a smile on your face full of excitement and the second you step into the boundary of the queue line, all that dissapears.

1. No signs whatsoever for indicating types/flavours of doughnuts. Just a board with several random doughnut pictures in the background and then it just says : Doughnuts or was it Donuts RM2 each....and that's all...like WTH??? so fine.

2. Turn your head down towards where the dougnuts are displayed and you see many empty trays and what luck i had NO MORE CHOCOLATE....as in nothing with chocolate when they are suppose to have chocolate coated ones, chocolate with banana cream ones, choc with nuts, choc with rice krispies ones......and TAKDE....when i asked, they just replied with a selamba "finish". So like wtf??? finish?? i still see you guys making hundreds of doughnuts behind you and the most important chocolate finish???? what it's a thing to not carry stock now?? whatever la...

3. So i decided to get a box of 6 (btw forgot to mention i was with Z and our friend K) and guess what hahaha there were only 6 flavours at that time when there was suppose to be 16 or 17... sheesh.

4. Peanut Butter, Strawberry Filling, Blueberry Filling, Green Tea, Mango with Cream Filling and Vanilla Cream.

5. The drinks had to wait like forever...mintak hot bagi ice....mintak ice bagi hot. Then they said they will send it to us when their concept was suppose to be self-service. Don't even see any of their staff outside of the working counter. Waited and waited and waited....then i realised they had a condiment counter similar to the ones at Coffee Bean, Starbucks...etc. So i thought if they did ever send the drinks over, i still would have to get up and get my own sugar syrup and what not. SO WTH...walked all the way over and demanded my drinks...while they were ever so busy, queue is getting longer....sigh...sabarjelah....

6. Since they're new they were very generous in giving away free doughnuts. Can't remember how many different offers there were but i know there's a buy a drink and get 1 doughnut free and buy 1 dozen doughnuts and get 1/2 dozen free. Yeah, but the free doughnuts are only the plain ones which means it's their basic doughnut with original glazed sugar. You can't choose. So where is the logic in that? If all the doughnuts cost the same then why free ones are only the plain ones? Just imagine beli 1 dozen full of flavour and colour...and then dapat 6 plain doughnuts in a box... sedihnye...

7. Since there was Z,K and moi therefore we had 3 drinks and therefore dapat lagi 3 doughnut biasa...we ended up just bring those home.

8. Tell me, am i being to critical with this new place? Cause i realise i'm usually nice but not here :P

SO basically the doughnuts were okay...it's a total different texture from Dunkin. This one is lighter and somewhat weightless and fluffier. It depends on individual preferance how a dougnut texture should taste like.The thing is that there is no variety unlike Dunkin their doughnuts itself are different where you have chocolate or plain, then proceed to the topping. At Big Apple all the doughnuts are the same ONLY toppings vary. I think because it's still new that people just flock over there non-stop...most are by word of mouth. When someone starts saying it's the best doughnut ever then habis lah...majority will just follow blindly...will see how they do in a few months time. There also might be a chance that people might actually like it and it's just me who had the bad experience. Well can't blame them la, just imagine the only doughnut place we ever knew was Dunkin...now there's Big Apple and people will ALWAYS want something different.

I'll stick to my Dunkin's for now because there ain't no Krispy Kreme in Malaysia :)

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Oh yes yes...i cook too :P

This dish is one of my all time favourites cooked by my aunt in Sabah. It's kinda like her trademark thing. Whenever i'm there it's like 'wajib' for her to cook it for me. I loooove it and can just eat it with hot white fluffy rice. That would make my day. I'm talking about 'daging kering' or some might call it 'daging masak kuning'. Hmmm i guess in english it would be stir-fried beef in tumeric? i'm not sure.

Anyway during my last trip to Sabah, she taught me how to cook it (it's very simple actually) and so i did! But i still have to say her's taste better than mine...:) I'm gonna share the recipe here but i must warn that there are no proper measurements as it's more like a 'ikut citarasa sendiri' kinda dish. hehehehhe...

potato wedges frying away i just had to hold a perfectly rounded sliced onion in my palm

Daging Kering/Masak Kuning

2 potatoes, cut into wedges
oil for frying
about 500g boneless beef, cut into cubes/bite sizes
1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tbsp tamarind juice
1 big onion, sliced
1 tbsp ghee
salt to taste

beef boiling in water...lama lagi nak kering nih

-Shallow fry the potato wedges until golden. Place on paper towels and keep the remaining oil for later.
-Place beef cubes and tumeric powder into a wok and cover with water. Boil covered until beef is tender or water had dried up. (this may take a while but it's worth the wait)
-When water has dried up, add the remaining potato oil little by little just enough to coat the beef everytime. Stir-fry the beef till dry and then add the tamarind juice and ghee.
-Next add salt and just before turning off the heat, throw in the onions and fry till just soft. (or as how you like it)
-Lastly toss beef and potatoes together and serve.

walah!!! the end product :P

MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.........that's all i can say

Girls Night Out...

Couple of months back miss D, miss Kim and I decided to meet up for dinner, dessert and movie at D's place in USJ Subang. Yup just us girls...

By evening we were all gathered in D's house when we decided to try out Pizza Uno for the makan-makan and maybe later to have gelato at Leo's. D's mum was gonna be home alone so we insisted that she tagged along...after all IT IS girls night out. :)

So basically Pizza Uno and Leo's are both located in Taipan, which is like 5 minutes drive away from D's humble abode. So yay!!!

About Pizza Uno...
Pizza Uno started as Pizza Italia in USJ in 1997. After 18 months, the 2nd outlet was opened in Kuala Lumpur. Now there are total of 3 outlets in Klang Valley. (USJ Taipan, Centrepoint Bandar Utama, Bandar Puteri Puchong)
Their wide spread menu includes antipasto, tapas, soups, salads, breads, pasta, lasagna, paella, pizza, desserts and beverages.

First picture is miss D's fettucini carbonara with lightly fried beef bacon and onion in a delicious creamy sauce, which she claimed was superb. (it's her 2nd time there and well erm...2nd time having carbonara so go figure) I tried a mouthful and it is really good. Next up is miss Kim's garlic prawn spaghetti. I can't really recall what she had said about it but she did finish it so it must have been good. I had the fettucini con salmone, it's cooked in creamy sauce with a good portion of pieces of smoked salmon. I loved it of course knowing how much i looooove salmon. :) D's mum had the deep fried chicken which came sooo much later than our pastas therefore i was busy diggin into my food that i forgot to snap a picture of that. booo....


About Leo's
Leo's, a trendy cafe, the place to see and be seen (as said by them) offers an innovative and creative selection menu for the current food trend, coffee, pastry and in-house made gelato....mmmmmm Gelato = Italian Ice-cream
Currently Leo's has 4 outlets. (The Store in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Carrefour Kepong, Bukit Tinggi, Taipan USJ)
They are specialized in 3 main areas which are Leo's Gelato, Leo's Coffee and Leo's Bakery. Yes they have everything including menu with noodle, rice, western gourmet, soups, light snacks and a long list of groovy drinks which you will not be able to remember the name.

All of us decided to share a 'gang of 5' gelato where you pick five flavours of gelato of your choice and then it is served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles of nuts. There wasn't much flavours available that particular night so we had to make do with what they had which wasn't so bad lah actually....we got a scoop of lime, wafer, after 8 mint, vanilla and hazelnut. We also shared 2 drinks amongst us four. Had a hard time deciding as the names of the drinks made in confusing for us. Ended up with a 'The Glory Of Gold Cup' and a 'Over The Great Crown'. You must be wondering what the heck is that? Well the first one consist of mango, mixed fruits and crystal lychee while the latter is the same just substitute the mango with sea coconut. There were loads more of funky drinks such as 'The Phoenix Crown', Beauty Of The Century', 'Love Overflow', 'Black Temptation', 'Hard To Resist'.....and many many many more. Don't ask me what they all are cause i can't remember. I guess there's a reason to go back there then.