Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My promised thai inspired post


As promised...thai foood!!!

First up would have to be the ever so famous 'Som Tum', which is spicy papaya salad. You can find almost anywhere in Bangkok. It is traditionally eaten with glutonous rice but i haven't got used to it yet. The first time i ordered som tum on my own the lady then ask if i wanted the glutonous rice and all i did was just stared blank back at her like 'sshheeewaaaaaahht' hahahaha. She must have thought i was a weird thai looking girl who didn't get what she was saying. Main ingredient for this salad is obviously green papaya followed by beans, tomatoes, chilli, garlic, lime, fish sauce, palm sugar, shrimp paste and some other optional ingredients like crab. I've been told there is 3 different variations of som tum but i'm not too sure about what the difference are just yet.

This is a prawn salad and i don't know the name for it in thai. These type of salads are common here, with many different variations of herbs/leaves and substituting the prawns to fish, crab, etc.

Next up is 'Kra Pao Nuer', which is stir fried beef with basil leaves. Basil leaves are widely used here. Sometimes some places tend to put too much of it and the taste of basil overpowers the whole dish and gives a slightly unplesent taste. I don't know if that is how it should be, but i prefer a more mild taste. The beef can also be substituted with chicken, pork, prawn, fish, etc.

This is kuey teow...ok honestly i think i'm missing a word in the front or the back of kuey teow but it is definately called kuey teow something. Obviously because of the use of the flat rice noodles as you can see. This dish has a very interesting taste to it with the mushrooms, fried tofu, beansprouts, dried shrimp, nuts, fried garlic sprinkles, srping onions and the sauce which a type of black soy and then you add chilli flakes, a little sugar and a dash of fish sauce. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy all in one. :)

Deep fried fish with sweet, sour and spicy sauce. What more can i say...

These little chicken bone/tendon nuggets/bites are 'khor kai tod'. A popular snack or appetizer here. It's basically boneless chicken nuggets, sometimes even smaller like popcorn. I like it very much because it's not all chicken meat so you don't get full or 'muak' with it like how some people don't like to eat chicken breast. It's crunchy from the bone/tendon/cartilage but yet you get bits of chicken meat as well. You can either eat it just like that, dip it into some thai chilli sauce or like the picture above. Pop some chicken bits, lime, chilli, onion, ginger and nuts all at once. Funky flavours...

Vermicelli noodle salad with prawns, basically the same style of salads here just different main ingredients.

I'll stop here for now, will update more soon. Also more updates on pastries from school. Till then...Khorb khun ka :)