Tuesday, 26 January 2010

black forest cake

After so long procrastinating, I finally made black forest cake because it reminds me of the good old 90s (remember when black forest cake was THE cake?) Didn't follow any specific recipe, just used the trusted rich chocolate cake recipe and added some cream and cherries to it. I didn't use kirsch for consumption reasons so I substituted it with the heavy syrup from canned cherries mixed with a bit of mixed berry jam (the only jam we had in the house).

It wasn't as moist as I had hoped it would be but it was because my oven's timer's busted so it couldn't 'kriiiingg' to let me know of the time and I was busy watching Quarantine on telly (REC is so so much better, btw). Still, licin in a day. The benefit of boys outnumbering us ladies in this house, semua pun disapunya.