Monday, 17 December 2007

I still don't get the fuss over JCo's doughnuts. Ayesha and I had a huge moan about the 'fad' and how they (the consumers who'd skip work and queue for ages for those sweet cakes sans holes) say it's the best thing evurrrr but we still think the hype is unjustified. At first I based my argument on, 'it's only doughnuts' whilst holding the 'KRISPY KREME IS THE BEST THING EVAAAAHH' banner without even trying out the famous JCo product. So last week, my brothers and I head to Pavilion for other reasons but decided to get the doughnuts as our mom hinted that she might want to try the doughnut that must be good because of the people queueing for it.

So that we did. Took us 20 minutes. Actually, my elder brother queued for the most part of it as I got bored (read: do not want to be seen queuing hahahah). While we were queueing, one of the workers tried to coax us into getting the pre-packed doughnuts. The benefit? We do not have to queue. The catch? You have no say as to what you'll get. It's a lottery. After deliberating for 5 seconds, we decided we'd rather queue than not get what we think we want. On the menu, there were oreo flavoured doughnuts, some belgian chocolate thing, caramel (I HAD MY EYES ON THEM) and strawberry among others. But as the queueing went on, the doughnuts disappeared and the new ones made didn't replenish the lost ones. Instead of having a variety of doughnuts on selection, we're left with a double batch of less than half of what is offered.

I still don't get the fuss.

I think this is a brilliant marketing ploy.

Step 1: Hire people to queue up (I kid, I kid.)

Step 2: Instead of having two tiered counter, which would be economical and if they wish to have two batches of one flavour, the two tiered counter would provide enough space for other flavours offered, have only tiered-less counter just for kicks.

Step 3: Have a service so slow that you would make the queues longer.

Because the queues were longer, people who were queueing are more likely to buy in bulk. And because it is bought in bulk, the selection goes fast rather quickly. To aid this, make sure the people in charge of the flavour department don't replenish the sold flavours, instead just do things haphazardly.

I noticed there were two trays of choc-nut, glazed and cheese. By the time it was our turn, we barely had any choice so we bought cheese, glazed, choc-nut, green tea, almonds, some strawberry swirl and some blueberry thing. Yes, a selection of 7 doughnuts, how can I be moaning? Of course I am not happy as I'd like to have the option to buy what is advertised and I (read: my brother) did not just queue for 20 minutes to not get what I want.

But eh, what's done is done so we thought, the doughnut BETTER be good. The prices are OK-lah but we thought the taste should justify the 'hard-work' undertaken. We went for the cheese.


Is it cream cheese? Is it supposed to be sweet? Or savoury? Or what? It didn't even taste like cheese.

The glazed ones weren't half bad. I had a taste of all of them and I think the only doughnut I like was of the almonds variation. I liked it but it still doesn't seem to match on what a lot of people have been raving about. The only thing was it WAS different from Dunkin Donuts. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's good. Give me Cinnabons anyday. And I don't like Cinnabons.

We came up with a conclusion to the hype.

You probably queue for half an hour (average). You don't buy A doughnut, you probably buy at least half a dozen to justify the queuing. You pay RMxx amount for the said purchase. YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT BECAUSE OF ALL THE CONTRIBUTIONS AND EFFORT MADE. To go through all these and then NOT like it would indicate the futility of the attempt, therefore making you look like mugs for investing on something that you don't even like. So what do you do?

Feign it.


No, it's not, luv.

Unfortunately, there weren't any pictures of the purchased doughnuts as we just couldn't be arsed.

I still don't get the fuss.

Note: I know it's a question of preference and taste so JCo lovers can save their time from bashing me and start queuing on your favourite doughnut store while I have some kuih keria.