Thursday, 17 May 2007

Dome @ KLCC

Recently Z and i visited Dome again...i've been there quite a number of times but didn't have a blog thennnnn..., so now i get a chance to blog about it. Usually i'll order the chicken pie or sandwiches cause that's my favourite at Dome and i've tried the nasi lemak which came in a huge portion and was delicious too, but this time around i wanted to try something different.

First up is a thirst quenching drink, apple crush. Very fresh as you can see teeny weeny bits of red apple inside. Z had the pancakes from thier all day breakfast menu. It comes with 3 slabs of pancakes, fresh berries and a dallop of mascarpone cheese in a pool of syrup. Sounds and looks yummy ha? except for the fact that the pancakes were kinda rubbery and just not good. I was shocked by this thinking that dome would be at some sort of standard whereby simple pancakes whould taste good. Sorry to say that Mcdonald's hotcakes are fluffier and just much more better in all ways minus the classy fruits and cheese. Shoot me, but it's true.

On a different occasion, i had the minestrone soup which i didn't really enjoy. Firstly minestrone soup is suppose to be a thick italian soup made out of veggies. It wasn't thick at all...Secondly, common ingredients for this soup are beans, onions, celery, carrots and tomatoes. I think it was like 80% tomato as the taste was very sour with a few chuncks of carrots and celery here and there. Soup didn't come hot as well.

Z had the all day breakfast toast with beef bacon and scrambled eggs. I guess it's the regular breakfast everyone has eaten before. Nothing much to say about it just that it wasn't anything superb. We both had tea for drinks as he got the ice lemon tea and i had a pot of hot greentea.

I'll stick to the pie and sandwiches next time around! :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Land Below the Wind IV

My last post on KK, Sabah would be the last meal i had before i left to KL. My aunt, uncle and I had dim sum buffet which is halal! at The Chinese Restaurant in Hyatt Regency Hotel. The Chinese Restaurant offers superb chinese cuisines and daily dim sum in a Shanghainese setting. There were a variety of dim sum, porridge with condiments, noodles, chee cheong fun, roasted chicken and duck and lots more.

Just a few close ups on the dim sum, i didn't know what was what because there were no labels on them. But most of them were yummy! You get them while it's still very hot because you get to pick and choose what you want straight out from the steamer.

I also took a variety of fried foods such as spring rolls, fried chicken ball, deep fried prawns which was just heaven!! As you can see on the next plate where i had taken the prawns again together with chee cheong fun. :)

Last was the porridge or congee cook with wild mushrooms with the condiments.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Land Below the Wind III

I'll just make this post very short and simple. We had lunch in an italian restaurant called Little Italy. It is owned by an italian chef and has had quite alot of good reviews on the food. I don't think there's any other outlets available throughout malaysia as i have never heard or seen one other than the one here in KK.

Sorry for the blurry photos as my camera phone isn't able to take close up...:( This is what i had. If i'm not mistaken the italian name for it is called Gamberi. I hope i got that right. It's spinach fettucini stir fried with a little garlic, chilli, olive oil and prawns. It's a very light and satisfying dish and the portion was reasonably good.

My aunt had the usual beef lasagna. Basically it's nicely done, tasty, just the right amount of meat, sauce and cheese.

Last but not least the pizza my bro had. I forgot the name of it but it's one of thier specialty as the beef sausage is homemade and the pizzas are cooked in those wood ovens. As usual the classic italian pizzas are thin crusted. I must say this particular pizza is really nice and it's something different giving credit to the beef sausages which look more like beef balls. I'm guessing they pinch of pieces of the sausage to create this chunky bite sizes. Yummy!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

the soup song!

soup, souper tasty,
soup, souper spicy,
carrot and coriander,
chilli chowder
crouton, crouton
crunchy friends in a liquid broth
I am gazpacho
I am a summer soup
Miso, Miso,
fighting in the dojo
Miso, Miso,
oriental prince in the land of soup!

Wanna know how the tune goes? Click here or here :D

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Land Below the Wind II

Mid-week of my stay in Kota aunt brought me and bro away for a mini holiday (despite being in KK itself is already a holiday for us) to Nexus Karambunai which is a seaside resort in Sandakan. It's only about 45 mins to an hour's drive from home. So off we went for a 2 days 1 night stay, just me, bro, aunt and grandma. After a day's swimming and soaking in the sea, it was time to relax and have some good food. As usual the hotel's coffee house offers either a buffet spread or ala carte.

My bro was the only one who took the buffet and so i only managed to snap photos of the dessert spread. (Tak larat nak jalan banyak2) As usual the lighting was dimmed hence the darkness of the pictures and plus i was just using my camera phone...didn't have all those funky functions of a digi cam. Anyways, first up was a hazelnut tart with some chocolate deco.

The assorted mousses. The top one is chocolate and the triple colored ones were vanilla mousse with strawberry and mango coulis. Looks so pretty...taste quite good. (suroh adik amik i curi2 makan)

They even had chocolate covered apples...

and sugary covered apples as well...i thought it was toffee apples at first but the reddish sugary coating doesn't look like toffee to me...

Lastly, mini chocolate mousse tartlets. These were the only ones i thought looked interesting, of course there were loads more but it's nothing anyone has never seen before. Now we can go on to the ala carte that me and my aunt ordered.

I had the chicken and pesto focaccia sandwich. The bread was a little hard but the filling was really yummy and it was such a big portion with the fries and veggies that i only ate half and saved the other half for the next day...hehehe...:)

My aunt had the steak pie if i'm not mistaken. I don't think it's steak and kidney but definately steak and something...looks so cute with the mash potato, gravy and salad. Everything was okay but according to her it was a tad bit salty and could have been better.

You must be wondering where did grandma go...well she had egg sandwiches and i totally forgot to snap pictures of those because our order arrived late and everyone was really hungry and grandma was sitting furthest from me...ahak :P