Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Japanese Food

Hello food lovers..!!

2007 was a great food year for me, tried varieties of foo
d that fulfills my tummy.
Dad was invited for a farewell dinner by China delegates and we got lucky coz they mentioned "and family". Went to Fukuya Restaurant in Ampang the setting was superb! Traditional Japanese with bamboo gates, u could fell JAPAN.. moshi moshi!

The meal? Fantastic! They served food with sakura leaves. It's oysters + dried fish + persimmon with some stuffings. The sakura leaves are imported from Japan, and its seasonal. I wonder how much the restaurant charged the sakura leaves. Anyway i just love it! Sorry for the poor image quality.

This one here is scallop and radish. Taste fine. Very "under the sea". huhuhu..

And this is my favourite part..DESERT!! It's mocha ice cream served with cream and strawberries.
I tried to take as many photos but one of the delegate is right in front of me. Nampak sgt jakun. U can have better view of the place and foods from their website

Gurls, we should have outside activities for our blog. Maybe we can organize our own "jalan2 cari makan" virginredvelvet style! ;)


Yes. I thought this should be a tribute to my boyfriend, who's constantly raving about pide, a sort of turkish bread.


Death Eater?

This is called "death by ice chocolate" from Delicious Cafe in Bangsar Village. Tried last year in Ramadhan. Not bad..