Monday, 1 December 2008

Yummies... :)

I guess it's only fair to put up some food pics from Simply Spice Restaurant since i had 'promote promote' in the previous post. :P

Nasi Tumpang with Ayam Bersenggek (signature dish)

Crispy Chicken Fried Rice (my personal favorite)

Penang Assam Laksa

Savoury Pie (choice of chicken, fish or beef)

Chicken Tuna Capers

Oriental Chicken Chop

Chicken Love Boat (deep fried breadcrumbs chicken stuffed with sausage served with chef's special sauce)

to be continued...

Friday, 3 October 2008

Simply Spice Cafe & Restaurant

Dear all,

My family has opened a restaurant serving Malaysian and Western food. It's been 1 year so far and still open for improvement. Do feel free to drop by and share your thoughts. Get more information here.


Monday, 29 September 2008

Cake, cake and more cake


Here's more update from school... :P

Today i will introduce you to some pretty cakes with layers comprising of three or more elements. Feel free to ask me for recipes as it is too much for me to write all of it here. Enjoy!

Three chocolate bavarian cream cake
Starts with a ladyfinger sponge cake at the bottom and then layered with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bavarian cream. Finish with cocoa glaze.

Combination of genoise sponge cake in two layers and mousseline cream. The sides and middle were filled with whole strawberries to give a nice effect before and after cutting. Finish with fondant.

The classic cake of all time. Comprising of layers of jaconde sponge, coffee buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and finish with dark chocolate glaze. I learned that a true Opera has seven layers and it should be in this order. Jaconde-buttercream-jaconde-ganache-jaconde-buttercream-glaze.

Why jamaica? I don't know, maybe because of a tropical feel this cake has. Consisting of a chocolate jaconde sponge as base, walls and separator between the two mousses. Inside of the cake is filled with coconut mousse with bits of poached pineapple and rum. Topped with mango and passion fruit mousse and jelly glaze.

Royal chocolate cake
This cake calls for a thicker and moist sponge which we just call chocolate biscuit. :P Over the first biscuit goes a rocher layer. It's simply made out of milk chocolate incorporated with almond praline and feuilletine. Basically it tastes similar to those ferraro rocher chocolates only mooshed. Obviously a royal chocolate cake has to have chocolate mousse and also glazed with chocolate.

This cake is supposedly created by LenĂ´tre. I would say it's a simple and elegant cake with good taste. You couldn't go wrong with it. It's a sandwich of jaconde sponge with a vanilla supreme and chocolate mousse. The top of the cake is brushed with a little egg yolk and sugar and then caramelized with a blowtorch.

Chestnut mousse cake
The name says it all. The whole cake is chestnut mousse, layered inside with hazelnut dacquoise and bits of candied chestnuts. After the cake has set, unmould and cover the outside with chestnut cream making a thorny effect by using a spatula. The dome shape is just an option to show that cakes are versatile and the same recipe could be adjusted to fit just any sort of shape mould.

Raspberry and passion fruit cream cake
Here we increase the elements by using two types of 'biscuit'. The wall is made out of jaconde sponge and the base and separator layer are coconut dacquoise. The filling inside is passion fruit cream and followed by a light raspberry mousse on top. Finish with raspberry jelly glaze.

Apricot almond milk cake
Similar to the previous cake above, this cake uses two different types of 'biscuit'. For the walls, pine nut ladyfinger sponge and for the layers inside, pine nut apricot dacquoise. Dried apricot cut into small cubes and grounded pine nuts were used to incorporate into the dacquoise batter. Creamy apricot filling for inside and topped with an almond milk pannacotta mousse. The same mousse is used to pipe decoration around the sides on top of the cake.

Blackcurrant vanilla cake
I call this a ribena jelly cake...hehe because the blackcurrant tastes similar to ribena and the filling for this cake is a jelly layer instead of the normal cream or mousse. Only ladyfinger sponge is used here for both walls and layers. Followed by the blackcurrant jelly and topped with vanilla supreme mousse. We decorated the tops by piping a design or image using leftover mousse and then filling the gaps with more jelly.

Caramel hazelnut mousse cake
Lastly, a caramelie cake..hehe. Very simple and straight forward. Using ladyfinger sponge same as before with a hazelnut chantilly cream as filling which is basically whipped cream with icing sugar sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts. A caramel mousse of course that goes on top covering the cake with piping around the border edge (any design) to create like a shallow 'pool' in the middle. Fill the 'pool' with caramel glaze.

Wow, that's alot of cakes!

I realize my post this time around is kinda boring. Just straight forward information. I guess it has to do with the fact that i'm feeling kind of blue today but felt the need to blog. Now isn't that weird? Haahhahaa...well i'll be back with more posts soon. I feel my vibe on blogging is coming back...3 posts so far in less than a month. That's progress!

Till then, see ya and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all those celebrating in a couple days time. Maaf Zahir + Batin to all readers and of course my babes here at virginredvelvet.

Salam xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Miss teddy and her lime tart

Look what i did with marzipan!

My second time fiddling with almond paste but first time on making figurines and i have to say i'm quite pleased...

The only thing i just realised is that i forgot to put lines in the feet to make it look more textured. Now it just looks like two balls as feet.

Cute ha? hehehe...

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Happy Ramadhan + Syawal

Hello to my dear girlies and also readers out there. I've been m.i.a for quite awhile and after noticing that my girls has each posted something i guess it's high time i did too! At the same time i would like to wish all of you a warm Selamat menyambut Ramadhan and the coming Syawal. I will be missing celebrating Eid this year as I am still in Bangkok and will be facing my final exams during the 1st week of Eid actually. Which means no baking Eid goodies, no family gatherings, no open houses, no ketupat, lemang, rendang, etc...Booooooooooooo... :(

Enough about that, now I think it's time to post about Thai food! These are photos of delicious food all around Bangkok that I've compiled during the months that I've been here so enjoy... :)

Crispy fried beef (daging goreng)

from bottom: Crab fried rice, Stir-fried crab thai style, cockles (kerang rebus)

clockwise from bottom: Condiments to accompany fresh oysters, fresh oysters, deep fried fish with mango salad sauce

Pad Thai (a must have/try whenever in Thailand)

Crispy on the outside with a soft inside bread smothered with chocolate sauce and kaya
I had this in Chinatown and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood! *drools*
There were many other choice for toppings, just to name a few, there's condensed milk, milo, peanut butter, jam, spicy chilli...

Thai style chicken stew on white rice with egg

Som Tum (papaya salad)
This particular som tum was super spicey, look at the amout of cili padi!
I was tearing while eating it but it was good nevertheless.

D.I.Y grilled beef

Pandan chicken

Shrimp and coconut salad appetizer shots and traditional Thai fish cakes

Deep fried calamari

Soft shell crab rolls

Japanese-Thai fusion salad with udon, salmon, oranges, leaves and thai style dressing (funkay funkay...)

Thai green curry chicken

Crispy fried fish (i'm not sure but i think it's sole fish?)

Thai style crab and bamboo shoot curry

Spicy chilli fish

Stir fried chilli crab with basil

Deep fried stingray

Blanched fresh prawns (is that right translation for udang rebus?)

Grilled scallops on half shells with garlic

Yum Pla Salit (spicy sweet and sour salad with crispy fish)
Pla Salit is a certain type of fish which is cut into small pieces and deep fried. One of my favourites.

Clear seafood tomyum soup

Stir-fried fish with thai chilli sauce

Fusion salad with soft shell crab

Geng som pla (sour orange soup with fish)
This Thai soup is usually fiery-hot with both sweet and sour overtones that makes a lively combination, especially with fish or seafood. (similar to our asam pedas)

Fusion spaghetti with Pla Salit (crispy fish)

Khao pad pla salit (fried rice with yet again the crispy fish)

Khao niew ma muang (mango with sticky rice)
The famous dessert of thailand. It is usually just mango, sticky rice and coconut milk but I had this at a restaurant and they served it with coconut ice-cream instead. Extra yummy!

Will be back with more...stay tuned.