Tuesday, 17 July 2007

My week @ Perlis

Well, 2 weeks has past in a flash. Reason for disappearing is 1st week = was in Perlis for a girlfriend's wedding. 2nd week = no internet connection...booooo, but i'm back now with loads of posts to come.

I'll start of this post with happenings at Perlis. It's gonna be a long a** story so i'm just gonna give a very short version and random photos and then you can just figure them out...heheheee

Reached Perlis by 4th July night straight to the bride's house to get some henna art on our hands. Next morning attended the Akad + Lunch and later that night some girl time for the bride's Malam Berinai.

The following day was our jalan2 day around Perlis...we indulged in laksa + ais kacang which was superb and only cost RM3 for both!! We also went to the snake farm, mandi sungai while eating local fruits such as mangosteens, durians, rambutans and bananas. OMG we were in fruit heaven...everything was so much cheaper than compared to the ones in KL. Later in the night we went for seafood which was nothing to shout about.

Next day was the big event...Bersanding + Lunch. Good food and loads of em'. Lastly, at night a thank you dinner event from the newlyweds to family and friends which was themed arabian night and of course catered by none other than Sahara Tent all the way from KL. Btw, I happen to love sahara tent so yay!!!

There were many stalls with all types of local food being prepared on the other half side of her house such as roti canai, burger, laksa, ice-cream, ais kacang and loads more. So we had to grab an ice-cream each before leaving as you can see.

Lastly...arabian night. I was disappointed with the food from Sahara Tent. I don't know what went wrong but it just wasn't good, not like what i had always eaten in KL. 1st picture is the Assorted Arabic Entree consisting of Hummus, Fatosh, Tabullah and Falafel. 2nd picture would be the main course which i had expected to be mutton (it's like helloooo arab food = mutton = :D ) but nooooooo it turned out to be Sahara Roasted Chicken and Greek Style Baked Fish served with Briyani Rice. The portion was big but it didn't taste that good. I couldn't take pics of the others which was Moroccon Vege Soup and desserts Um Ali Milk Custard and Baklava because of poor lighting. :(

Well basically that rounds up my trip there...will be posting on the food @ Hilton for her wedding in KL which happened a week after. Till then...bye...

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Dinner @ Madam Kwan's

Madam Kwan's is a 'kopitam like restaurant' serving local dishes. Recently, Z and I had dropped by the branch in Bangsar to give it a try. The most famous dish here is Nasi Bojari which is a type of Indonesian coloured rice that comes with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken. That's what i had. The rice has a nice aromatic taste and deep fried chicken was crispy on the outside but soft and tender inside...mmm :)

Z had Nasi Lemak which came with chicken curry, sambal ikan bilis and acar (pickled vegetables) which was placed in a separate serving. The nasi lemak was good but to me i think nasi bojari is way better.

They had mouthwatering local desserts here such as ice batu campur, cendol, bubur cha cha, sago gula melaka and more but the portions of the rice was so big that we had no space for any of those. :(

Mad about CHEESE

This just came out @ Pizza Hut, 28th June...I WAAAAAAANT!!!

Will be trying it one of these days...:D