Thursday, 18 June 2009

What exactly are black bottom cupcakes?

I'm a bit confused. I've read a few recipes on how to make black bottom cupcakes and I find two differing methods and idea of what makes it... black bottomed. One uses chocolate biscuit (Oreo-like) as a base (think graham crackers-like cheesecake base) and the other uses a dense chocolate cake batter as the black bottom. I like both in different ways (spoken like a true pro who doesn't know what she wants). The recipe with 'biscuit base' often would have a chocolate glaze after the cream cheese filling (the first picture is just before I poured chocolate glaze to fill the cup liners). The one with dense chocolate batter is like the third picture above.

I've heard a few people who dislike these cupcake liners, calling them as just a fad or by saying that it's difficult to eat (because you need to know the how to's of peeling the liners off. My reason for using this is simple, I don't have enough cupcake pans or muffin pans to hold 'normal' cupcake liners (muffin liners) and with these they hold their form because it is designed in such a way that you can say goodbye to cupcake trays! You can spend the money saved from buying cupcake trays on silicone sheets or fondant rollers :D

I've been baking carrot cake, butterscotch cake, marble cake, blondies and cream cheese marble cake but no pictures because I am frogetful like that. Oooh, I made chicken pie for my younger brother's birthday (he's been craving pies because we've been watching Pushing Daisies). Sedap!! (angkat bakul sehh).

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